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Day 08

Definitely had my “Not in New York anymore” moments today.   First, I got hopelessly lost looking for a bike rental place. I took the train to the station that was instructed and exited to the correct area, and then the directions said walk 2km but didn’t specify which way. So I tried left, right, […]

Day 07

It is Sunday here! And since my host graciously took me to so many places the day before, and because we were so tired from all the walking, we decided to take it slow today. After a night of drinking, my friend decided an appropriate lunch would be Gamjatang, which is a meal that Korean […]

Day 06

I’m finally feeling like myself again! Yay!! So as soon as I was able I headed out to explore downtown Seoul. View of mountain from one of Seoul’s main streets. The first place I visited was called Itaewon. This area is famous for internationl shops and restaurants since a large numer of expats live in […]

Day 04

Sick Hot floors Ginseng chicken soup It’s official, I’m sick. When I first got off the plane, I blamed my runny nose on my friend’s three cats. Turns out I actually have a cold. Sorry kitties! So when I woke up at 4am again last night (sick and insomniac, perfect combo!) and feeling like a hot […]

Day 03

ChurrosHongkik UniversityGrocery shoppingCatsAirplane cold  Hwa-jang-sil Happy belated cinco de mayo everyone! There is actually an odd fascination going on here in South Korea with churros. They have them in chip form, in their convenience stores, and they’re sold on roadside food stalls. I wonder how that got started. Anyhow my third day here was a […]