Name: Hui (‘who-wee’)
Location: NYC

It’s hard to describe yourself in one little paragraph. Let’s see. I’m a tiny human being trying to connect with others through words. My dream is to travel the world, and in the process, I hope to inspire others to do what they love too. I truly believe that life is too short to do anything other than the things we love. Regrets are my biggest ememies. I love going to new places and realizing how small my conception of the world is. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is the milky way somewhere in the open skies of Kenya. I love being an observer. I create things, destroy them, and create again. I’m constantly figuring out who I am. I believe we’re never really ready, and that’s part of the challenge. I love beaches and the ocean. I don’t eat meat. I am all of my experiences and none of it at all. I’ve fallen many times and have the scars to tell it all. I’m grateful.




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