Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream


Today I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams, and I want you to know it feels wonderful.

After living in the Bay Area for one whole year, I’ve decided to pack up and go. Life is calling me to go back home to New York City where I will re-ground and figure out my next step.

Grateful is at the top of the list of emotions that I’m feeling right now, and proud would be the next. I’m proud that I came here despite not knowing anyone except one distant friend. I’m proud that I trusted my instinct and followed my heart. I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished and all the relationships I’ve built. I’ll leave forever grateful for each and everyone of them.

A few years ago, the idea of moving across the country by myself was just a small seed, but once it was planted in my head I couldn’t get rid of it. When I finally visited the Bay Area, I fell in love with it, and I just knew I had to move here, and I did. With one luggage in hand and my Airbnb address on the other, on July 26th, 2016, I landed in San Francisco Airport. I did not know where I was going and it was dark. I ended up in an Uber car, which ripped me off (but I got a refund,) and ended up somewhere in Oakland at 5AM.

A year later, I have two luggages and twice as much experiences, memories, and hopefully, wisdom. So many wonderful things have happened to me since my move here that I can’t even explain some of them. All I can say is that I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced them all. I feel blessed that I’ve had this opportunity to go after my dream. Some people spend their entire lives wondering what ifs, but I refuse to let that be me.

Regrets are simply not an option for me. I refuse to let fear stand in my way. A year ago I was filled to the brim with fear. I kept doubting my decision to move here, but I am so glad that I didn’t listen to them. I didn’t know what I was doing or why I was doing it, but I just knew I had to, and when I did, amazing things kept happening to me. It was like the universe decided to reward me for following my dream, letting go, and taking a leap of faith.

Throughout this year, I’ve laughed, traveled, hiked, ran, jumped, cried, loved, cheered. It’s been a challenging but thrilling ride. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Do you have dreams that you’ve been ignoring? Maybe it’s time to pay attention to them. They’re there for a reason. Dreams are our hearts’ truest desires. I really believe in that.




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