Life Is Not Always a Beach but Sometimes It Is

My blog has been looking a little sad lately, but such is life, we tend to remember the pain and suffering more than the joy and happiness. Scars take longer to fade, but a hug is easy to forget. Today I would like to dedicate my post to all the good things that’s happened to me lately.

About a month ago it was my birthday and even though I’m a couple of thousands of miles away from home, my friends made sure I did not feel forgotten.

Two days before my birthday, my friend Iris asked me out to dinner to catch up. At the end of the meal she somehow managed to sneak a cupcake underneath the table and light a candle on it without me knowing. To my suspicion I asked her, “What’s all that wrinkling sound you’re making underneath there? Are you stealing fortune cookies?” We both laughed hysterically at the thought of her stealing fortune cookies, then pop(!) out came a chocolate vegan cupcake with a candle on it. No wonder she kept asking me if I wanted to use the bathroom. Very sneaky Iris!


The following day, my best friends sent me a message saying they bought me yoga classes to the the yoga studio near my house! I was in complete awe of their thoughtfulness and consideration. Not only did they take note of how important yoga has become to me, they also took the time to research all the yoga studios near my house, and made sure it was a good one. I had tears flowing down my face.

Then on that weekend (I know, it keeps going!) my roommate wanted to host a birthday lunch for me, where we invited a couple of good friends to celebrate with. To my delight, each and everyone of them brought some sort of vegan dish or snack for me, even though NONE of them were vegan. One guy eats steak for dinner every night. I was blown away, simply blown away by their generosity and kindness.

The following weeks consisted mostly of me going to the beach and watching sunsets. I really can’t complain.


So there you have it, these are some of the actual happy events that’s taken place in the last few weeks of my life. I wanted to write them out not so much to brag but because I feel we all need to recognize the good as well as the bad in life.

Cheers all,
Hope you are having a fantastic day!



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