Compassion; Karuna

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Last night I spent 2 hours at a mediation center.

Two hours? I thought. That sounds long.

But it whizzed by like 2 minutes.

Turns out, I’m pretty into myself. This session was part two of a 4 part series focusing on the Four Immeasurables, or the four main teachings of Buddhism: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity.

Yesterday’s session was on compassion, or “karuna” in Sanskrit,  and here’s what I learned:

Myth #1 – Compassion does not equal pity. If everyone in this world was compassionate, there would be no need for pity.

Myth #2 – You do not have to reason for someone who harms you. There is wisdom compassion and there is “idiot compassion,” i.e., if someone cheats you, you don’t have to smile, try to understand why they did it, and let them cheat you again.

Lastly, if you’re ever faced with the decision to be compassionate or not, ask yourself this: would this action uplift me or deplete me? Because compassion has to start with yourself.

“I care deeply for my (your) suffering
May I (you) hold my (your) suffering kindness and gentleness
May I (you) be free from pain and suffering
May all living beings be freed from all stress and pain.”





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