A little while ago
I told fear to go fuck itself
I put my feet up
I felt wonderful

This tiny parasitic emotion
Creates havoc in our souls

But fear is the monster that we create
It feeds on the powers that we give it
We are the ones who hand it the weapons
We tell it to take aim
Lock and load
Because we’re are more afraid of fear itself
Then admitting that we are afraid

Instead of facing it head on
Challenging it
Too many of us let it enslave us
Years in a job we hate
Relationships that suffocate
Spreading paranoia, resentment, and darkness
Deeper and deeper
The knife becomes
Light it cannot see

Take hold of it my friends
Before it slips too deep
Slithering into our arteries
Causing our hearts to bleed
And dreams to die
Life is short
Moments are fleeting
Is a cliche for a reason

So throw the knives and guns away
Step on it
Tell fear to sit down and watch
Let it drive you to bigger milestones
Help you see where our dreams and loyalties lie
But don’t give it any say
Don’t let it overstay
Don’t make the mistake
Of letting it call you its slave



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