My Eyes

My eyes disappear when they smile
Like the crescent moon
They tell the truth
When my words refuse

They are dark brown
Like the skin of the orphans I danced with
Like the muddy river of the Turkwel that I swam in

They are shiny
Like the glare on the windows of my plane
Where the sun rises on my right
And sets on the left

My eyes cry
Like the mist at the bottom of Kilimanjaro
And they tear
Like the pumps that feed water to the Kenyan farms

They get tired
They get sleepy
Like the weary backpackers in the hostels of Cambodia
And the overnighters on the trains from Bangkok to Chiangmai

The freckles underneath them
Are memories of all the places I’ve been to
A speckle of Halong Bay
A speckle of Peru

They tell the truth, they never lie
All they ever seek and strive
Are the be loved and kind

My eyes, my eyes
They smile like the crescent moon
And they are mine


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