Three Months!

It is officially three months since I’ve moved to the Bay Area!

While it’s been an exciting and fun journey, I also have to admit that the monotony of everyday life is starting to settle in, and it’s easy to forget that I moved here for a reason other than work. I wish I could say that I’ve been going somewhere new, or seeing something different everyday, but the truth is I have to work and pay bills.

With that being said though, I do try to seek out a new moment everyday. Whether it’s talking to someone new at work, or taking a different route home, or just looking at something from a different angle, it helps to fight the humdrum of everyday.

For example, this afternoon I was debating to go study at a cafe or at home, and I realized that if I just stayed home I would be missing out on an opportunity to experience something new. I decided that even though I have a pretty dreadful task at hand, I could at least pick a much more interesting place for me to do it in. After all, I didn’t pack up and move across the country so I can chew at my pencils at home. So instead, I picked up my lazy butt, and parked myself at a swanky vegan cafe. Once I was there, I was so proud of myself that I bought myself a treat and managed to study for about two hours (ok, maybe 1.5 since I spent about 30 minutes eating and scraping every crumb off my plate.) But the point is I went somewhere new and different, and I loved it. When I was done, I smiled all the way home.

It is hard to get yourself out there sometimes, I know. It is so much easier to stay home, lie in bed, and watch Netflix (I recommend The Crown by the way), and sometimes that is what we need, but it shouldn’t be all the time. In fact, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t be doing this only because I’ve moved to a new place, but that this is something that I should be doing even when I’m home– an important lesson that took me leaving home to learn, but nevertheless, a valuable one.


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