Your Thoughts Matter

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I often pause to ponder the validity of my thoughts, my ideas, and my opinions. My opinions at the least, I think, should be something I’m free to express right? After all they’re my thoughts,  yet why do I feel like I’m revealing something that I shouldn’t, or worse, worry that they’re not good enough? Does one have to be a nobel laureate in order for their thoughts to be recognized? Does one have to be a New York Times bestseller? No right?

Then I think, if everyone thought like me and was afraid to express their opinions, the world would be missing out on a lot. All the brilliant minds as we know  would be hiding their thoughts and brilliant ideas, and the world would be that much less interesting, less beautiful. Imagine if Gandhi had never spoken up, imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never spoke up, imagine if Albert Einstein never shared his theory with the rest of the world. What would the world be like then? I know for sure it wouldn’t be what it is today. And I’m not saying my ideas are as brilliant as theirs, but they do have the same potential to be. If I never speak up, never place my thoughts in the forefront, then they would have zero chance to influence someone, to touch somebody, and I think I’d rather take the chances than hide them in shame or fear.

Everybody’s opinions have the same potential to affect someone, and by not sharing them you are doing the world a disservice. Because I believe that is why we’re created, to contribute to this wonderful thing called life.


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