When I was in South Korea, instead of saying “Cheeeese” when they took pictures, children would say “Kimcheee.” Or at least that’s what I saw.

Kimchi typically comes with every meal in Korea.
Can you spot the kimchi?
There it is again.

You may be surprised to know that when I first tried kimchi, I was disgusted. I didn’t like the spicy and sourness of it, and couldn’t understand why people loved this stuff. Then in college, I had a roommate from South Korea who would always eat it. I was intrigued and she showed me how to eat it and what to eat with it, and I became hooked. So now I even make it myself. There’s something very rewarding about making food with your own hands, and then comparing the end results with the recipe.

Thus with my new found freedom (ahem, unemployment) I also have a lot more time, and one of the things I really like to do is to make stuff in my kitchen. I think I’m turning into my mother. And just last week I saw nappa cabbage on sale at the Chinese supermarket. It was ridiculously cheap! $.29 cents per pound. So of course I bought a whole 7 pounds of it, and made 5 jars of delicious goodness, and to think I only paid about $2 for all 7 pounds. Each jar of kimchi normally costs about $5 just so you know.

You may think it’s a little excessive, but you can ferment this stuff under the sink literally for forever and it stays good. Plus it’s REALLY good for you. Read here. Like sauerkraut and yogurt, kimchi contains probiotics, and they are the healthy gut bacterias that aid digestion and give you glowing skin. Need I say more?

All mine.

If you are interested, I did post a recipe on how to make this way back in 2013. It is still as good as when I first made it! 🙂


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