So now what?

After coming back from such an epic journey, life can feel pretty anticlimactic. To think, just two weeks ago I was on the other side of the world, eating a delicious curry called Amok, and trekking through temples in the mud, and now I’m just sitting at home at my kitchen table, thinking about what I’m going to do with myself. But I’m trying to not let it get to the best of me, even though it did affect my mood quite lot at first, but now I’m officially moving on.

Delicious veggie amok!

As much as I’d love to be on that next plane to a new foreign location, I also have to stop thinking that way. Life isn’t just about the next destination. Life is this step, and it’s happening right now. I may not be “on the road” currently per say, but I am (metaphorically speaking) on the road of life. Hah, I know it’s pretty cheesy, but it’s true. So I’ve been really trying to make the best of my time by being “in the moment” and by focusing on some new goals and learning some new skills.

Meanwhile I’m just enjoying summer in New York City, which is beautiful!

My first meal after getting off the plane.

So many beautiful flowers in my neighborhood!


Breathtaking view of NYC from the new world trade center.



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