Day 09

Last day in Seoul
Onwards to China!
I can’t believe it but my time at South Korea has come to an end. Before I move on though I’d just like to give a big thank you to my friends, Daron and Sun, both of whom I met during my university years. I’m SO glad I decided to take the chance to have someone that I didn’t know as my roommate TWICE. I swear I was so nervous I was going to get some crazy smelly chick, but turns out that was the best decision I’ve ever made! And also thank you to Daron’s sister, Ahron, for so graciously agreeing to extend your apartment to me. I feel like that it has became my home and I really can see myself living there. 
And of course to all the cats, Cookie, Toki, and Yomi! They provided me with hours of entertainment especially when I was sick. I was planning to go to a Cat Cafe while I was in Seoul, but there was no need to when you guys have three! 
And lastly a special shoutout to Chang Dae, for being such a great sport and storyteller! I’m sure Daron DID make the first move like you said. Mm hm…
Thank you all for making my time in Seoul so enjoyable, and coming out to celebrate my birthday with me. I feel so blessed to have had friends that made effort to make me feel special on that day even though I’m halfway across the world! Kamsahamnida!
Now I only have my next leg of the trip to look forward to. Time to spend some major quality time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in over a decade, and of course the parents. 
See you all in China!

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