Day 07

It is Sunday here! And since my host graciously took me to so many places the day before, and because we were so tired from all the walking, we decided to take it slow today.

After a night of drinking, my friend decided an appropriate lunch would be Gamjatang, which is a meal that Korean people often eat after drinking. My friend asked me what we Americans would call this and I said “Hangover food” and she “Ahhhh, that’s right” haha. But I assured her in America, our hangover food was nowhere as delicious or cheap! I got all of this for 7000 won, which is less than $7!!

So good. Drool.

After we filled our tummy, we hopped on the trains for an hour ride to a place called Surisan. I had told my friend I wanted to see some nature after a few days in the city so she decided to bring me here for some flower viewing. Unfortunately though when we got there, we saw that most of the flowers had already fallen. 😦 This place was suppose to be filled with purple and white Azaleas! Kind of a bummer, but we still managed to have a good time taking pictures and laughing at the elder Korean singing party next door.

This is what it was SUPPOSE to look like but we just saw a few patches of it when we went 😦
Image courtesy of Google
To redeem the shortcomings of the last stop, my friend brought me to another park nearby in an area called Guil. Guil seemed like a very family oriented place. Our train left us directly down a path to a park where we were greeted with a playground with lots of kids. We also saw a family set up a tent by the river and another group of campers huddled under the overpass enjoying some home cooked food. I was tempted to join them. 
My friend and I walked about a mile of this park following the stream next to it, and took some nice pictures of all the flowers here. She somehow got a really nice shot of me standing next to one of the yellow daffodils fields. 🙂 
Well and alive!

Meanwhile we also found some gym equipment randomly places underneath the overpass so we decided to “workout” or really play. They were unexpectedly a lot of fun, and we had a good kick trying them all.

After that we headed home for some more good food and retired for the night. I’ve been meaning to show you guys what the Korean train stations look like by the way. SUPER clean and efficient and affordable! I’ve only had about $10 in my card since I’ve been here, and I’ve take the train numerous times already over the last 5 days! Why can’t the MTA be like this?? -_-

Gum-less floor
Subway art
The view from train when crossing Han River

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