Day 04


Hot floors
Ginseng chicken soup
It’s official, I’m sick. When I first got off the plane, I blamed my runny nose on my friend’s three cats. Turns out I actually have a cold. Sorry kitties! So when I woke up at 4am again last night (sick and insomniac, perfect combo!) and feeling like a hot potato, my plans to visit Seoul went out the window. 
I’m not happy about this but I just have to give in and listen to the body. Afterall my last three days in NYC only consisted of me running around like mad to meet up with people and pack at the same time. I barely had any rest. So now I guess I’m paying for it. 
But with all things considered a cold is not too bad. I had expected to be sick sometime during my trip, afterall it is life, but I guess I didn’t expect it to be so soon. But if this is it I’m glad to get it out of the way. 
While in bed cuddling with my roll of tissue paper I spend some time studying the map of this area, and noticed a restaurant that sells gingseng chicken soup, which I heard Korea is famous for. So after my friend got out of work I sped over there as fast as possible. Anything that can help make this cold away I’ll do right now.
The verdict? This soup is friggin delicious.It comes with a whole chicken inside STUFFED with rice. Yum yum and you can really smell the gingseng, or I was told because I couldn’t smell nothing. After that we went to eat Sashimi! Mm.
By the way I just learned today that in South Korea a lot of the houses are heated through the floor. This means when they turn on the heat, heat radiates through the floor! I didn’t know this was even possible and thought the  electronics I left on the floor were constantly over heating, and I literally thought the reason I was feeling so warm at night was because I had a high fever until my friend told me she turns on the heat everynight before we sleep. The things you learn.
Off to see Seoul tomorrow!

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