Day 02 – Seoul, South Korea

Lunch by the Han River
Etiquette boxes
Sea fish/sea urchin(?) bimpbimbob
So I finally got to ask my friend, D, here what that box I saw in the woman’s bathroom stall was in the airport. It was a small white box labeled “Etiquette” with a button on it. I really wanted to press it but I was afraid someone would come running in with toilet paper. You know how sometimes in changing rooms when you go shopping they have buttons for you to press if you need assistance? Well turns out my imagination was running wild, and it’s just a box that plays sounds so you can do your business discreetly. Funny how that works and how revealing it is about the Korean culture. I must press it on my way out.
After my arrival, D took me around her neighborhood in Incheon and to a park by the Han River for lunch. The first thing I noticed was how a lot of the smaller streets didn’t have sidewalks or only on one side. Hmm I’ll have to pay special attention when walking.
On that note too because there were a lot of people out, and walking into me I had to learn my first useful Korean phrase besides hello and thank you, and that is “chamsimanyo” which is excuse me. I’ll be saying a lot of that.
Lastly we ended our night at my first Korean buffet and it was delicious. My favorite counter was the one where you can make your own bimpbimbop, which I’ve had before but never with sea urchin. Or at least that’s what I think that yellow yolky stuff was. And also instead of an ice cream machine they have a patbingso (shaved ice) machine! So much funner and healthier than ice cream I think.
Sorry for the lack of pictures but I was too tired to take any and just wanted to enjoy the moment. Next time!

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