First of, a pat on the back for myself for dragging myself to the doctor for a full checkup. Gotta make sure I’m in good health. Yay! 

Second, another pat for myself for ordering a backpack! After looking at a dozen of them I decided to go with this one, the Gregory J38.

Image from

I was pretty much sold when I read that it comes in different sizes, as it should be just like a pair of jeans or sweater because you WEAR it. But also this bag is designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. For a tiny girl like me, I cannot waste my energy carrying a bulky, over-sized backpack, so hopefully this one will be just small enough to carry, but large enough to fit all of my necessities. It’ll be here next week so we shall see!

With that said though there is still a LONG list of stuff waiting for me to do, and every time I look at that list I panic a little. But I just gotta keep telling myself to stay focused and concentrate on the next thing.What’s that saying? Rome was not build overnight? Pyramids are not build over night? I’m the worst with quote, but you get the gist.

On a separate note a few days ago when I was digging up my old passport photos, I found one of my old journals. And in one of the entries I wrote a bucket list, on which I realized I already accomplished two of those things! I’ve only written that list two years ago, so I felt pretty proud and surprised that I had already accomplished two of those goals. What’s even better? I’m about to cross off two more.

If you haven’t written out your dreams and goals yet, I highly recommend you to get to it!


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