I recently had the opportunity to travel down to Colorado. Those few short days that I got to spend away from NYC, away from the noise and the rush, were one of the best things I’ve done for myself in awhile. Just being in a quieter and slower surrounding helped my body slow down and recharge, and all the new things I saw stirred my curiosity and fascination once again. Now I feel more enthusiastic about doing new things, and more inspired to keep things interesting at home. That’s why I love to travel! 

Below are some pictures of my time in Colorado:

Green all around.

Blue also all around.

People watching at the famous Red Rock Amphitheater.

Feel like I’m in an old Italian painting.

Gagh, so beautiful I can’t take it.

The drive to Boulder with the Rockies in the background.

The beautiful Shiba Inu that shared the back seat with me.

More snow cap mountains.

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