I’ve been absent…but I made zucchini pasta! (or noodles?)

I did it! I finally made zucchini pasta! I’ve heard so much about this raw pasta thing, but never had the energy to actually make it. And guess what? You don’t even need a fancy shmancy tool to do it (although I kind of still want one.) Instead I used a cheese grater! That’s right.

What you do is you simply wash your zucchinis, chop off the ends, and grate them just as you would like cheese. Tip: the further down you start on the grater, the longer the strands would be. Here’s how mine came out:

When you get to the core and can’t grate anymore, cut them up and toss it in with the rest!

To be honest, mine came out a little soggy once heated up for a few minutes. Will try it raw next time.


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