Rutabaga Chips

Today I decided to be a little adventurous and made some rutabaga chips. 

Rutabaga! Just saying it is fun. 

For those of you who don’t know what a rutabaga is (“what the heck??”), it is a Swedish turnip. Yea, who knew? Now I don’t know what people usually use rutabagas for but I came across a recipe for turning them into chips and I was sold. Plus, they are also suppose to be much healthier for you than potato chips because they contain much less sugar since they are not starchy like potatoes. 

Well it just so happens last week that I came across some at the farmers market, and well of course I had to try it. What did they taste like? STRANGELY like kale, yes, kale! Even as they were baking in the oven I thought they smelled a lot like kale.

 Here’s what the end result looked like:

Yes, I did burn a few pieces.
I also decided to pair it of with some last minute guacamole.

Was it worth the effort? To be honest I’m not sure. Perhaps I didn’t bake them at the right temperature or sliced them thin enough but they weren’t crunchy enough for me, and the flavor was rather bold and kind of bitter. If I do make them again I’ll definitely consider coating them with honey. Let me know if you have made rutabaga chips before and have tips on how to improve them!




  1. I made some rutabaga fries last night, and they came out yummy.
    I chopped them into chips, coated them in coconut oil, rosemary , garlic , salt and pepper. Roasted them in the oven for 30 mins.

    try this way…maybe you might like them better


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